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Chicago Snow Removal Services

Plow King Chicago is a full-service snow and ice management company serving commercial customers in the Chicago, IL area.

Our comprehensive Chicago commercial snow removal services include snow plowing, parking lot plowing, loading dock plowing, snow blowing, sidewalk shoveling and storefront shoveling.

Our experienced Chicago commercial snow removal team is prepared with the right snow removal equipment and technology to ensure that your commercial site is cleared of snow and ice ON TIME. This means that you can run your business without service interruptions and ensure a safe environment for your employees, customers and tenants. Plow King Chicago is equipped to handle all your seasonal snow removal needs including daytime, evening or weekend snow and extreme blizzard conditions. Let us take the stress of snow management off your hands so you can focus on what matters to you.

Chicago Ice Control Services

Chicago Ice Control Services

Plow King Chicago provides comprehensive ice control services to corporate and commercial clients in the Chicagoland area.

Our services include parking lot anti-icing and de-icing as well as walkway and sidewalk ice removal and de-icing services. We use a variety of high-end ice melting materials including sodium chloride (also known as rock salt), calcium chloride, sand protection as well as eco-friendly ice melt options and landscape friendly deicers depending on your specific site requirements and preferences.

Rely on Plow King Chicago to keep your property safe and clear of ice with our complete snow and ice management solutions. We continually monitor your site before, during and after a winter weather event and provide preventative maintenance measures such as pre-salting for ice storms and freezing rain conditions as necessary to ensure safety and access at your commercial site. Our commercial ice control services provide necessary ground treatment for freezing rain and sleet, black ice and thaw/refreeze events.

The salt, sand and snowmelt chemicals we utilize are gentle enough to protect masonry and stonework while ensuring safety for staff and customers. We assume full responsibility for turf damaged by deicing and snowmelt materials and will repair any damage by June 30.

Chicago Snow Relocation Services

Chicago Snow Relocation Services

Let the cold weather professionals at Plow King Chicago assist you with our full-service snow relocation solutions.

Services include off-site snow removal, on-site snow relocation and snow hauling services.

We employ heavy duty snow moving equipment to increase the safety, access and visibility of your location by relocating and stacking snow in less trafficked areas of your site and ensuring that all intersections and road access points are clear of snow mounds.

In extreme cases in which off-site snow removal is required, our snow hauling equipment can safely and efficiently remove accumulated snow from your facility to increase driver visibility and access in parking areas.

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Winter Maintenance Services

Winter Maintenance Services

We offer comprehensive, 24/7 snow and ice removal services to single and multi-site commercial clients in the Chicago area.

Our top priority is to provide timely, quality snow removal services with the highest standard of safety for your employees, customer and tenants.

Our 24-hour commercial snow and ice management process means that we can be reached at any time and are in constant communication with our fleet area managers and on-site team leaders during a snow event and throughout the winter season, providing worry-free, hassle-free peace of mind for you and your customers. When snow comes, trust Plow King Chicago as your preferred snow and ice contractor.

Over 95% of our customers renew their contracts with us year after year because our detailed and site engineered service process was designed to provide comprehensive, professional snow and ice management solutions that are:

  • ON TIME so you can keep your business running
  • RELIABLE and DEPENDABLE so you know your property is safe and clear for employees and customers
  • CLEARLY COMMUNICATED to ensure that you are always informed and receive up to date status and weather reports
  • INVOICED ACCURATELY and QUICKLY to help you effectively manage your winter maintenance budget

Winter Commercial Snow Plowing Services

Winter Commercial Services

Whether you have one location or many in the Chicago area, we can provide complete snow removal services at all of your locations.


Our service process begins with a detailed on-site consultation and service-planning meeting in which we identify your specific business and site needs such as required snow removal completion time, exact scope of snow and ice management work to be performed, designated snow removal and deicing service areas, obstacles to avoid, snow relocation preferences, safety and damage concerns, snow and ice melt treatment preferences and budget. We will perform a complete site inspection and map of the property and provide you with a detailed snow and ice removal service estimate and action plan. We also perform post-season site inspection and repairs. Count on the snow professionals at Plow King Chicago to provide the highest quality equipment for plowing, hauling, removing and relocating snow and ice.


Plow King Chicago is a full service snow removal company prepared to handle any snow and ice event and utilizes multiple professional weather monitoring and forecasting sources to continually stay abreast of winter weather conditions and snow and ice impacts to your facility.  We employ preventative maintenance strategies when appropriate to ensure safety and access at your site before a weather event, such as pre-salting for ice storms and freezing rain to minimize the dangerous weather effects of ice accumulations. We also use on the ground weather scouts to confirm site conditions and inform the snow and ice management plan for your facility.


You will be notified in advance of a possible weather event as well as receive an emailed weather alert once your property has been serviced with the date, time and details of service completion. Our field managers are always accessible during a weather event and can be reached at any time to discuss concerns or special service requests.  We also offer clients the choice of staging snow removal equipment at their site for quicker service time.


We will email your invoice within 48 hours of providing snow removal and/or deicing services at your facility. Invoices provide detailed information on the service provided such as service time and date, weather conditions, salt and ice melt material usage and equipment used.  We also provide monthly statements to assist in record keeping and winter maintenance budgeting.

Customized Seasonal Service Contracts

Custom Seasonal Service Contracts

We provide routine or emergency seasonal snow and ice management services to meet all of your commercial snow removal needs.

Depending on the unique requirements of your business and budgeting process, we offer a variety of fully customized, site-engineered snow removal and deicing service agreements and winter maintenance programs:

  • Per Event Contract – billing per snow or ice event based on number of accumulated inches of snow and/or application of ice melt materials. Includes one to multiple visits to completely clear location of snow and ice.
  • Per Push Contract – billing per snow or ice event based on number of visits to site required to fully remove snow and ice accumulations.
  • Time and Materials Contract – billing per hour for snow plow truck and driver, snow shoveller (as needed) and deicing materials used at site.
  • All-Inclusive Seasonal Contract – comprehensive snow and ice removal services are performed at a fixed monthly or seasonal rate regardless of snow and ice accumulation and number of visits or materials used to properly and safely remove snow and ice from the site. Allows client to completely budget snow removal expenses for the season.

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